pdfc special allosaurus fragilis vs ceratosaurus nasicornis
PDFC Special - Allosaurus Fragilis vs Ceratosaurus Nasicornis
I know, It suks. I rushed it. Ill probably remake it and delete this one later. Also on the PDFC specials there wont be any FIGHT animation.
PDFC Special - Allosaurus Fra...
pdfc albertosaurus vs carnotaurus
PDFC - Albertosaurus vs Carnotaurus
yea yea i no albertosaurus woulda won but i wanted my new carnotaurus stk to move on in pdfc
PDFC - Albertosaurus vs Carno...
pdfc the redemption size comparison updated
PDFC - The Redemption - Size Comparison - Updated
There have been many changes since the launch so here's an updated comparison with the updated dinosaurs in PDFC - The Redemption.
PDFC - The Redemption - Size ...
pdfc therizinosaurus vs tyrannosaurus
PDFC - Therizinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus
Poor Therizino, hes back in the losers bracket...
PDFC - Therizinosaurus vs Tyr...
pdfc the redemption size comparison water division
PDFC - The Redemption - Size Comparison (Water Division)
Sea monster size comparison.
PDFC - The Redemption - Size ...
pdfc spinosaurus vs pachycephalosaurus
PDFC - Spinosaurus vs Pachycephalosaurus
I think it was a fair fight......
PDFC - Spinosaurus vs Pachyce...
pdfc extra fighters
PDFC Extra Fighters
Here are Spino, Sarco and thw winner of the vote... GIGA!
PDFC Extra Fighters
pdfc spinosaurus vs therizinosaurus
PDFC - Spinosaurus vs Therizinosaurus
Damn. Round 1 only has 4 fights left! I'm back at school now so PDFC might be delayed a for a couple weeks whilst I catch back up. Sorry about that. I also need to work on some mor ...
PDFC - Spinosaurus vs Therizi...
pdfc giganotosaurus vs ankylosaurus
PDFC - Giganotosaurus vs Ankylosaurus
The Next PDFC Fight
PDFC - Giganotosaurus vs Anky...
pdfc ceratosaurus vs stegosaurus
PDFC - Ceratosaurus vs Stegosaurus
My second dino fight. My best one so far aswell. As i promised this vid is deticated to Georgiezillafan.
PDFC - Ceratosaurus vs Stegos...
pdfc meet the seamonsters   season 2 redux
PDFC - Meet The SeaMonsters | Season 2 Redux
Here it is. SeaMonsters will begin next Friday! The next 2-3 PDFC Dinosaur videos will be short because I am now working on making SeaMonster fights for you all. My apologies for t ...
PDFC - Meet The SeaMonsters |...
pdfc ankylosaurus vs utahraptor
PDFC - Ankylosaurus vs Utahraptor
This one will be polarizing... It was just a cool idea so I animated it. PDFC as a series isn't necessarily realistic. Hope you enjoy though guys. Click 'See More' to see my upload ...
PDFC - Ankylosaurus vs Utahra...
pdfc allosaurus vs apatosaurus
PDFC - Allosaurus vs Apatosaurus
It begins! Thanks so much for all the support guys! From now on, fights are every Sunday until the other brackets come in. Hope you enjoy! Click 'See More' for my upload schedule! ...
PDFC - Allosaurus vs Apatosaurus
pdfc the redemption triceratops vs dilophosaurus
PDFC - The Redemption - Triceratops vs. Dilophosaurus
Clash of one titan. Got lazy with this one. Featuring Jonahsa2000's Triceratops.
PDFC - The Redemption - Trice...
pdfc allosaurus vs brachiosaurus
PDFC - Allosaurus vs Brachiosaurus
yes im aware this fight sucks, it was my first ever fight
PDFC - Allosaurus vs Brachios...
pdfc carnotaurus vs spinosaurus
PDFC - Carnotaurus vs Spinosaurus
i made this in a few minutes. i no it sucks
PDFC - Carnotaurus vs Spinosa...
pdfc the redemption liopleurodon vs megalodon vs giant mosasaur
PDFC - The Redemption - Liopleurodon vs. Megalodon vs. Giant Mosasaur
The final battle of the sea monsters division.
PDFC - The Redemption - Liopl...
pdfc meet the fighters
PDFC - Meet the Fighters
PDFC stands for Pivot Dinosaur Fight Club. There are still 4 more dinosaurs but i made them after this was created so i put them in another video called Extra PDFC Fighters
PDFC - Meet the Fighters
pdfc allosaurus vs majungatholus
PDFC - Allosaurus vs Majungatholus
credit for sounds goes to bbc
PDFC - Allosaurus vs Majungat...
pdfc dunkleosteus vs liopleurdon vs megalodon
PDFC - Dunkleosteus vs Liopleurdon vs Megalodon
Yes, the final fight of the Seaonsters Division!!!
PDFC - Dunkleosteus vs Liople...