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pdfc battle won war not over
PDFC Battle Won War Not Over
Our National Drug Take Back Campaign 2014
PDFC Battle Won War Not Over
pdfc seamonster fights
PDFC - SeaMonster Fights
The SeaMonsters division....
PDFC - SeaMonster Fights
pdfc season 2 round 1 fights
PDFC Season #2 - Round 1 Fights
Round 1 is finally over! Thank you all for your support. It will be quite a while until Round 2 starts unfortunately, since school is back in full force and I need to practice a bi ...
PDFC Season #2 - Round 1 Fights
pdfc torvosaurus vs megalosaurus
PDFC Torvosaurus vs Megalosaurus.
Torvosaurus vs Megalosaurus!!! FINALLY I KNOW WHO'S ELIMINATED!!!! Credits to SuperJonathanMorales and Alecraptorboy for the stks.
PDFC Torvosaurus vs Megalosau...
pdfc megalodon vs liopleurodon
PDFC-Megalodon vs liopleurodon
my best fight yet plz comment rate and favourite
PDFC-Megalodon vs liopleurodon
pdfc ceratosaurus vs dilophosaurus my entry to mythplatypuspwned contest
PDFC Ceratosaurus vs Dilophosaurus (My entry to mythplatypuspwned contest)
Yep. It's another GZF's Dilopho vs Cerato remake with the real fight, and sounds. Enjoy it. :D
PDFC Ceratosaurus vs Dilophos...
pdfc spinosaurus vs acrocanthosaurus
PDFC Spinosaurus vs Acrocanthosaurus.
Spino vs Acro. Who will win??? Check it out in this new PDFC fight. I think this one is way better than my own T-Rex vs Carnotaurus Credits to MatromX and GerogieZillaFan for the ...
PDFC Spinosaurus vs Acrocanth...
the ultimate pdfc pack v 0 8
The Ultimate PDFC Pack v.0.8
Completely forgot to upload these, but here it is! Music is Jason Farnham - World Map, non-copyrighted. Also forgot 0.7 was already out :P Download link: ...
The Ultimate PDFC Pack v.0.8
pdfc albertosaurus vs nanotyrannus
PDFC Albertosaurus vs Nanotyrannus.
SUPER-SPECIAL-AWESOME!!! Finally a Cretaceous Period Fight. The first one is... Albertosaurus vs Nanotyrannus!!! :D Credits to: Predalian5 (Red Albertosaurus and sounds) and Georg ...
PDFC Albertosaurus vs Nanotyr...
pdfc monolophosaurus vs ceratosaurus
PDFC Monolophosaurus vs Ceratosaurus
PDFC Monolophosaurus vs Cera...
pdfc jurassic park
PDFC Jurassic Park
PDFC Jurassic Park
pdfc tyrannosaurus rex vs utahraptor
PDFC Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Utahraptor
PDFC Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Uta...
pdfc meet the fighters season 2
PDFC - Meet The Fighters - Season 2
The dinos you know and love...and many more! Get ready for PDFC Season 2! Join me tomorrow for the next installment in the PDFC pre season!
PDFC - Meet The Fighters - Se...
pdfc tyrannosaurus battar vs triceratops
PDFC Tyrannosaurus Battar vs Triceratops.
T-Rex faced Triceratops in Round 1 and Tarbo (T-Battar) fighted Therizino in the same round. Now it's twice!!! xD Sorry NO BLOOD!!! :( Credit to: Predalian5 and AlexTriceratops12 ...
PDFC Tyrannosaurus Battar vs ...
pdfc allosaurus vs saurophaganax
PDFC Allosaurus vs Saurophaganax
PDFC Allosaurus vs Saurophag...
pdfc round 1 fights
PDFC - Round 1 Fights
Round 1 has come to an end... Now its time for Round 2!!!
PDFC - Round 1 Fights
pdfc giganotosaurus vs ankylosaurus
PDFC - Giganotosaurus vs Ankylosaurus
Sorry guys, I know its a bit delayed but its the best I can do. These take time you know? Anyway, I made the Saturday deadline by less than an hour :P Another video will be up tomo ...
PDFC - Giganotosaurus vs Anky...
pdfc suchomimus vs deinonychus
PDFC Suchomimus vs Deinonychus.
Suchomimus is so lucky!!! Credit to: Predalian5 and xxxxPsycoSpotxxxx
PDFC Suchomimus vs Deinonychus.
pdfc alosaurus vs t rex vs mapusaurus
PDFC Alosaurus vs T-rex vs Mapusaurus
PDFC Alosaurus vs T-rex vs Ma...
pdfc triceratops vs sarcosuchus
PDFC Triceratops vs Sarcosuchus
PDFC Triceratops vs Sarcosuchus